Five Ways To Make Money On Youtube With A Small Channel -

Olivia Zerbinati
6 min readNov 23, 2020

5 ways to generate income on youtube with a little network. You see this on social networks a lot. You see these well-known, famous YouTubers with a hundred thousand customers. Fifty percent a million customers. A million customers. Five million clients.

And also you believed to yourself, wow, you understand, to generate income on YouTuber require a lot of views. I require 10s of millions of sights as well as countless clients.

Let me inform you this, it is simply not true. Today I’m gonna show you how you can make suitable cash, even big money, with a tiny channel. Currently, maybe you are just getting started.

Maybe you just have a few hundred clients on your YouTube channel. Maybe a few thousand, maybe tens of thousands.

No matter. You see, I remember when I was starting on YouTube, I was already producing five-figure revenue from YouTubewhen I only had four-figure clients.

I was generating six-figure income from YouTubewith just five-figure customers.

And afterward, I was generating seven-figure income from YouTubewhen I had six-figure subscribers.

today, well I won’t also talk about today. So, think of it. What do you need to do?

Number one

you can offer services. A mentee of mine, Gary Wong, is a realtor in Vancouver.

He is not trying to make use of YouTube to produce money straight, like say, through advertisement sense like that. No, he runs an organization.

He is using YouTubers as a list building platform, right? So when people view his video clips on YouTube, as well as if somebody intends to purchase a home or someone who intends to list a property,

he would then get them on the phone and also offer his service. So supplying solutions, that’s a terrific method to make big money with a little network.

So if you are a provider, meaning you’re an expert, you are a train, you are a specialist, perhaps you are a property representative, perhaps you’re a home mortgage broker, you’re an insurance policy representative, you’re supplying a service in your area, in your city.